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Don't Pack Up, Our Process is Preparation Free

Testimonials from satisfied customers

I was ready to throw everything out of my apartment! You told me not to, solved my Bed Bug problem and got my life back to normal.

Bruce E, ,Astoria, New York

Wow, you guys got rid of my bed bugs and I didn't have to do much preparation! Thanks!

Mary C,Long Island City, New York

Your work was very thorough. I knew you were professional when I saw you turn over my son's mattress and box spring!

Joe V, New York, New York

I was a bit skeptical about a canine inspection…but when I saw that dog find the bed bug—I was amazed!

Marta G, Jersey City, New Jersey

Patrick R, New York, New York

Six months and no bed bug bite!!! thanks

Doug W, Yonkers, NY

Exterminator applying Cryonite to matteress with bed bugs bedbug on hand Cryonite is a green, eco-people friendly, poison free solution that uses carbon dioxide to literally freeze Bed Bugs to death. bed bug bites on arm Spraying bedbugs in mattress with Cryonite
Applying Cryonite is a poison-free solution tofreeze Bed Bugs to death. Exterminator spraying CRYONITE on mattress Happy NY Bedbug Dog clients relaxing on floor CRYONITE sprayed on floor literally freeze Bed Bugs to death